AI – The Benefits and The Risks

AI – The Benefits and The Risks

Artificial intelligence – the simulation of intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. These processes include learning , reasoning and self-correction. Particular applications of AI include expert systems, speech recognition and machine vision. Artificial Intelligence(AI) is indeed one of the most promising realms of our current era. Governments and scientists are respectively investing financially and putting in strenuous efforts into Artificial Intelligence, which is thought to a core and inclusive element in our future.
In the 1950s, a generation of scientists and mathematicians already had the concept of artificial intelligence .They asked, ” Why can’t machines be made to learn and reason like the human minds?” Hence, the first AI program ‘The Logic Theorist’ was designed in 1955 by Allen Newell and Herbert Simon.

Mauritius is considered to be pretty obsolete in the technological sector. Not only the use of old systems still persists but a majority of the population is not well exposed on how technology is evolving. Today, specially in the workplace, people need to be trained to adapt to changes alongside with development, for instance, the use of ‘Prolog’ to access databases with the help of its integrated AI. The proper implementation of AI gives way to greater efficiency in the health, journalistic and big data analytics sector, amongst others.
Also, data security in Mauritius can be ensured with the help of artificial intelligence. Indeed, AI security performs complex processes to detect intrusion in systems more easily than advanced firewalls. This is useful especially for big enterprises or government databases, where security is at risk and lost of data can result in a crash in the economy.
Currently in Mauritius, AI is mainly present on internet servers. Smart machines and softwares are steadily but surely becoming a normality in our quotidian. International social media like Facebook or Instagram, for instance, arethe best example of machine learning where an AI analyses our online activities and preferences to eventually create personalised news-feed, related ads and various other such things. Online shopping websites use AI to understand your purchasing patterns and adjust displayed products so that they are relevant to you. Your searches are also taken into account for future recommendations and so that in the end it provides a better customer experience.
One thing that we see more and more are the Virtual Personal Assistance(VPA) like Siri and Alexa which are driven by machine learning. While some people take their time to type in their research on the internet, others use the VPAs to look for a nearby restaurant or a library. This is proven to be less time consuming and more efficient.

AI will certainly revolutionise industries in Mauritius which will all be keen to implement the new technologies. In fact, it will bring about the era of a modernised society. It would be an achievement to our developing country. The industries will try their best to design new gadgets and tools, using Artificial intelligence, to better facilitate the lives of the Mauritian people. Its implementation in the industries will unequivocally lead to the socio-economic expansion of our country.
Artificial Intelligence will definitely assist businesses (human resources, accounts, sales and marketing) across the world including Mauritius by eliminating human error. This has resulted in reduced time needed to complete a task. Studies whows that by 2020, AI would effectively replace many human positions. Most of us in the client servicing would worry. But we shouldn’t be. The AI facilitated automated system will be improving client service by responding quickly to the emails, phone calls, social media chats, etc. It is suppose to make the process all the more efficient thereby increasing client satisfaction and rating. It would at the same time, save business money and time. There is already a growing where virtual assistants are being used to automate routine mundane work. It is quite a similar situation when during the industrialization era, machines replaced humans. Automation and AI makes it possible to interpret and analyze volumes of data, which we all agree could not be done by human.AI has made this task of building website, a lot easier. Nowadays you neither need be a web design expert to build it nor you need to spend thousand of dollars to hire someone to build it for you. There are numerous options now that helps with easy website building. And you do not need any coding skills to work on them. Plus, these options are available in both free and paid versions. There’s one particular website builder that is attempting the collision of the complex AI world and the designer’s mind. Such websites are going to be the future of the business world. Bookmark aims to use AI that would eliminate more than 90% of pain points that is associated with branding, building and launching your business. The Bookmark Website Builder has an AI-powered algorithm that creates a brand new website within two mins. All you need to do then is simply walk through their process of editing images and content.

AI would additionally be highly beneficial in classroom. They would enable us to:
1) Identify whether the students are understanding what is being taught and solve students problem with efficiency by using chatter box;
2) Teachers sometimes due to emotional problems does not perform or do not take care of students, AI would be nice and helpful to children. Students might like AI virtual teacher more than human teacher. AI interacts in a friendly manner;
3) AI can monitor health of students which a teacher normally don’t. Assist students on their food and health issues. Help them in sports.
4) AI has deep learning systems where it can easily identified flaws in student performance in any subjects and track their performance. AI can help student to achieve what he is best at and stand out as unique student with special talents. Everybody has a special hidden talent with AI this can be discovered and develop;
5) AI is always available 24/7;
6) Synchronize data and help researchers to make discoveries that would not been possible without intervention of machines.

Notwithstanding, the question that should ask is: what are the problems that could and are arising due to AI? With more machines becoming dependent, it seems useless to have humans on the work force since the automated machines are less likely to cause accidents or to make mistakes. In the long run, it is possible that humans will no longer be needed. As more jobs are taken up by machines, the rate of unemployment will surely increase causing a greater increase of the gap between the upper and the bottom billions since only the owners of these particular machines will obtain the revenue and the wealth will not be equally distributed. Moreover, in terms of humanity, how will robots affect human relationships and interaction? Botts do not have human emotions and aren’t capable of feeling empathy, pity or basic humane emotions. This might make a human-robot interaction hard and difficult. Ethically speaking, how do we eliminate AI bias? Due to their unfeeling capabilities and technology, a robot designed to kill in war could be ruthless and even cause the eradication of an entire race. Through war robots, a country can easily conquer other countries and fight for dominance. We shouldn’t forget that AI robots are created by humans who might be biased, judgemental and racist. Another debatable subject would be: should robots share the same human rights as humans do or should they be given special robot rights? As robots become more complex and lifelike, it is even more difficult to distinguish a robot from a humane.

Technology is progressing at a very high speed and has profoundly changed our lives. Having smart and autonomous electrical cars will make our road vastly safer, with more efficient driving and with less human error, leading to drastic reduction in traffic accidents, saving many lives yearly as well as cutting down greenhouse gases by at least 80%. Airports and aviations will be improved with new technologies like biometric check-in gates and high-tech secure laser powered scanners. All of the appliances will be linked directly to the energy distribution systems through smart grids. Refrigeration systems in supermarket will be automated, ending orders directly to the management system, lawn sensors will tell us which part of a garden needs how much fertilizers while the computerized house will perform all the household chores. As for the fashion side, nanofiber will create smarter, more comfortable and durable garments. Paper currency will disappear with electronic payments via phones and chips, decreasing the rate at which deforestation is propagating. Moreover, robotic surgeons would carry out very affordable autonomous surgical procedures and artificial body parts would be able to make organ shortages a thing in the past. Technology will ensure that most Mauritians will have access to first class medical analysis since both hospitals and clinics will be of the same standard by then.

As technology becomes more sophisticated and leads to higher productivity, AI is poised to change how we live, work, run a business, play, shop, travel and pay for things. It will alter the fundamental ways we operate as human and within our communities. Nonetheless, AI should be used ONLY to HELP in our day-to-day life rather than replacing us in core activities.



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