High demand jobs in Mauritius: What are employers looking for?

High demand jobs in Mauritius: What are employers looking for?

Job-market reality check! Unemployment has hit the country hard with the Covid-19 pandemic. If you are currently unemployed or looking for new career options in Mauritius, this article is for you. We have to accept the fact that we were not prepared for a global crisis in 2020, be it financially and professionally. The lockdown period challenged our normal conventions and forced us to contemplate on the ‘new normal’. While unemployment often translates in stress and despair, at Jobhunt, we see it as an opportunity to look for better options and consider a career change. 

A career change might look challenging especially if you are in a field for quite a long time. However, when responding to unprecedented times like these, you have to be strategic and forever forward-looking. In this blog post, we will walk you through the different career options which are very much in demand right now and will still be in the upcoming 4 years. Why not consider an industry change at this time? Let’s dive into the jobs in demand. 

Digital Marketer (Sales & Marketing)
With an increase in ecommerce and online businesses, the demand for digital marketing professionals is also growing in Mauritius. Nowadays, every brand is looking for an online presence to reach more potential customers online. Digital marketers are thus much needed to drive brand awareness through all digital channels-website, search engine optimization, email and display advertising. They are responsible for promoting the brand and content on social media channels in order to drive traffic and generate higher return on investments. Using different types of digital marketing strategies, they focus on KPIs for each channel to measure performance. Having a knowledge in digital marketing can therefore be very beneficial in paving your way to transform the world of traditional advertising through social media. 

Web Developer (Computing & IT)
According to the Department of Labour’s Bureau of labour Statistics, the exponential growth for web developers is 2x the national average of all job growths, and continues to increase for the coming years. Needless to say, in Mauritius, as businesses are understanding the importance of being online to reach their target audience, the need to have robust and functional websites are increasing. 

This high demand is also caused by the proliferation of mobile usage and the continuing changes in ecommerce business patterns. Web developers are expected to demonstrate excellent website designing skills and handle its technical aspects to help the company increase product knowledge and keep communication going between the firm and potential clients. The web is always experiencing rapid expansion and thus to keep track and evolve with these progressive developments, web developers are in much demand. 

Civil Engineers (Engineering, Manufacturing & Construction)
Civil engineers play a significant role in maintaining the safety of the society through their responsibilities of constructing safe highways, buildings, bridges and tunnels amongst many more. They are expected to have traditional engineering skills, along with managing, supervising and coordinating administrative work at construction sites, as well as testing soils to determine the strength of projects’ foundations. In the construction industry itself, we have niches like masonry, plumbing and electrical fields which are in high demand. However, these industries often experience an unemployment gap given that there isn’t much skilled workforce in Mauritius, forcing employers to recruit from foreign countries. These occupations require a good understanding of electric work and plumbing systems for which courses are readily available on the market. 

Accountant (Finance)
Accounting jobs always have vacancies in Mauritius as they play a fundamental role in managing and controlling the financial aspects of a business. They play a key role in maintaining and analyzing financial records of the client throughout the year. The globalisation of businesses and international merges has made the competition for these positions even more intense and in high demand. Being employed in one of the “Big Four” allows people to think analytically and approach a problem in a professional and structured way. In fact, the US & World Report News ranks accountants number 7 among the best business jobs. With the appropriate accounting training, accountants will therefore be much needed for the financial stability of a company.

Personal care aide/Home health aide (Health & Welfare)
The demand for Personal Care Aide/ Home Health Aide continues to surge with the increasing number of private homes, communities and nursing homes. Elderly people and disabled ones very often rely on home care, as opposed to hospitals or nurses. Personal care aides are therefore expected to provide nursing assistance with daily physical and mental activities of the clients. Home Health aides require a diploma or training through specialized programs to become certified. Having a positive influence and being a people person will help you have a successful career as a Health Care Aide and in fact, the Bureau of Labour Statistics forecasts a high demand for Personal Care Assistants in the coming years. 

These jobs in Mauritius are currently in high demand and are all set to dominate the labor market for a while. You can consider these for a career switch and respond to your unemployment situation. What will be your next move?



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