Top 10 Most In-Demand Careers

Top 10 Most In-Demand Careers

Financial Analyst

The position of a financial analyst is an important one since they are the ones to collect, analyze, and utilize data for the company with regard to reports with various banks, insurance companies, investors and other businesses who are in direct contact with the firm's operations. For many companies, this is one of the top positions available, and although it does not require extensive qualifications, the training usually stems from graduate level knowledge of finance such as MSF or MBA degrees as well as qualified accountants. A financial analyst is not typically an entry-level opportunity — industry experience is a must for those seeking out this position. A common salary will be approximately $66,000 and above depending on experience.

Computer Systems Analyst

Those who are involved in researching, planning, developing, implementing, or recommending software applications necessary for business operations are known as computer systems analysts. This position usually acts as a middleman between the various vendors and the firm in order to fulfill the company's software needs. A background in computer science, information science, or even management information systems is usually recommended for those who are seeking employment as a computer systems analyst. It has been known to thrive as an independent position where analysts contract themselves out to various organizations rather than staying with one firm. The average salary can start at approximately $69,000 annually.

Computer Systems Software Engineers

This technological position is one where the employee uses the skills necessary to design, develop, test, evaluate, and implement the many system software applications that a corporation uses on a daily basis. A bachelor's degree is required for this post; one must keep up to date on the many software advancements as they occur in the market to remain viable. A typically annual salary for a computer systems software engineer begins at approximately $85,000.


Accountants are essential for any business, utilizing all of the financial information from business dealings to help managers, investors, tax authorities, and other significant decision makers help guide the operations of a firm. There are many different levels of accountants, and depending on where you are located, many countries have their own designations for certifying accountants in their area. No matter where you are located, in order to be a certified accountant for employment, you will need to fulfill a required amount of specified training to prepare yourself for the position. $54,000 and above is the annual salary that is expected from a certified accountant today.

Civil Engineers

This position is one that requires a diverse amount of skills and requirements. Dealing with the design, construction, and maintenance of the surrounding environment, including structures such as bridges, roads, buildings and many others, civil engineers have a wide spectrum of job duties. Just as with any other job, a certain level of academic prowess is necessary in order to secure a position, but experience will lead an engineer forward as they gain hands-on knowledge. An annual salary of $68,000 is typical for civil engineers.

Marketing Managers

Focusing on the marketing techniques and the management of a company's resources and activities is the main concern of a marketing manager. Utilizing research and analysis, a manager must assess the current market as well as previous trends and projected market fluctuations in order to help guide their own firm in business practices. Typical training will require administrative courses that stress a marketing focus in order to specialize their knowledge for the industry. Annual earnings of $98,000 are typical for a practicing marketing manager today.

Financial Manager

Essential to take care of the budgets and investments for a company, the financial manager is an important role in any organization. With different levels of financial managers, the duties vary depending on experience and training. A bachelor's degree, master's degree, or even professional certification is imperative for those seeking a financial manager position. Annual earnings average over $90,000.

Chemical Engineers

This high profile position utilizes the application of physical science and mathematics to convert raw materials or chemicals into more useful forms that are valuable to a company. Many chemical engineers help implement new techniques and materials where they were not used before. A master's degree is essential when looking at this employment opportunity. An annual salary of $78,000 is typical for a chemical engineer in the field today.

Electrical Engineers

This niche in the engineering market deals mainly with electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. Dealing with power, electronics, telecommunications, and other control systems is essential today in a technologically advanced world. A university degree with a focus on electrical engineering is a must, as well as the option to receive post-graduate studies to enhance your knowledge. $75,000 is the average annual salary for a practicing electrical engineer.

Mechanical Engineer

The application of principles dealing with physics in order to analyze, design, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems is the primary duty of a mechanical engineer. A thorough understanding of kinematics, energy, and thermodynamics are the core principles for this field of work. There are a number of degrees available for those wishing to find work in this field, but can vary from country to country. Post-graduate studies are also available for those focusing on the mechanical aspect of this engineering niche. Engineers in this field can earn an average of $69,000 annually.



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