About us

About us

Jobhunt is an online job portal in Mauritius hosting over a hundred jobs across all industries, with the objective to help people find the job they love and connecting employers to the talent they need to propel their business to new heights.



The Mauritian job market is constantly evolving, in par with the changes happening globally. At Jobhunt, we clearly understand the challenges of meeting up with the new requirements to stay ahead in the rat race. That is why the Jobhunt portal has been created to not only provide jobseekers with new vacancies in Mauritius but to also provide a platform where they can understand new industry needs and how to meet them.


The Jobhunt team also understands the intricacies of good networking to help candidates get noticed and hired. Therefore, we are constantly on our toes building the right network so that your profile gets the limelight it needs.



Hiring the right talent to meet your company culture and help your business thrive is the key to success. It is also important to acknowledge that the hiring process is not an easy one, requires a skill-set of its own but above all you require the right magnet to attract the candidates that will fit your organisation. At Jobhunt, we have built an extensive and condensed targeting system to attract new talents to our platform.


We also ensure that there are quality profiles at all times so that you can focus on the selection process, saving you time from networking and advertising.



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